Kyros Hydrogen Solutions was, in the context of the hydrogen network “Hypos“, a member of the project “LocalHy,” an association of pioneers from business, science, and municipalities with the goal of decentralized hydrogen production and use.

When hydrogen is produced from renewable energy, it can be used in vehicles as a fuel that is completely free of emissions. In large cities, this will reduce levels of particulate matter and nitrous oxides contributing to pollution. The consumer experience stays the same: people continue to drive to the filling station and refill with hydrogen rather than gasoline or diesel.

In addition, hydrogen can be used to stabilize the electricity grid, and the oxygen also produced can be used to operate wastewater treatment plants, which was successfully tested in a local sewage treatment plant as part of the project. Even heating in houses could be powered by hydrogen in the future. Lessening global emissions has direct environmental benefits, making hydrogen the best solution.

Kyros Hydrogen Solutions contributed knowledge and expertise in the use of electrolysis for hydrogen generation. Through many iterations, Kyros Hydrogen Solutions developed a customized solution for the specific needs of the project.

The high-pressure electrolyzer from Kyros Hydrogen Solutions solved technical problems and realized pressures of up to 100 bar. Other special features of the system, such as special coatings of the positive and negative poles, as well as the combination of proprietary system components (such as level measurement systems and servo valve technology) enable economical series production at marketable prices. This electrolyzer was used to operate Thuringia’s first hydrogen filling station, which received the Innovation Award Central Germany in 2016.