Kyros Hydrogen Solutions is initiator and founding member of HySON e.V., the supporting association of the HySON – Institute.

The HySON Institute for Applied Hydrogen Research emerged from a network of players from industry and science. In total there are 50 partners whose common goal is to close the gap between research and application.

When research is put into practice, minor problems often arise. The institute tries to offer targeted solutions quickly by bringing together the knowledge of its partners.

There are already numerous projects using hydrogen, ranging from H2 production with a decentralized electrolyzer to applications in motor vehicles and trains. Even oxygen, a by-product of hydrogen production, is used to improve efficiency and reduce energy requirements in wastewater treatment plants.

The HySON Institute aims to promote the development of hydrogen systems, hydrogen technologies and the corresponding infrastructure facilities, and to actively offer technology transfer with models for real-world use. An intensified public relations effort for hydrogen will reduce current barrier thresholds and promote societal and economic adoption of hydrogen as an energy carrier.