Turning a global problem into a down-to-earth solution

With hydrogen generation, storage, and fueling, we offer sustainable hydrogen solutions for ever-increasing (renewable) energy demands.

The simple facts

Global energy usage produced 33.1 billion tonnes of CO2 in 2018

Global energy demand is projected to increase by 50% by 2050

Meeting future demand requires sustainable, renewable sources

We develop, implement and service custom hydrogen systems

As a highly experienced supplier of fully integrated, turnkey, decentralized hydrogen systems, we can provide you with a customized solution. Since the integration of hydrogen systems can be quite challenging for inexperienced parties, we offer support with planning, interconnecting and implementing the system and all of its components. Furthermore, as a hydrogen system service provider, we can also be relied upon to keep the system running.

A multitude of advanced solutions

Industrial CO2 reduction

CO2 reduction in industrial plants, applicable to manufacturing, internal logistics and shipping.

Hydrogen mobility

H2 generation and fueling systems for a vide variety of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

O2 generation and utilization

Reallocation of oxygen byproduct for ozone treatment and a wide variety of other applications​.

Heat output recycling

Conservation and reimplementation of heat output from PEM stacks.

Energy storage

Energy storage in various forms, such as cylinders, caverns, and gas networks.

What we offer

Hydrogen generation

Our fully scalable Proton Exchange Membrane system offers a wide variety of power capabilities. PEM system produce hydrogen at 40 bar and 100 bar output pressures, customizable to system scale. The system is fully controlled by a PLC for monitoring and enhanced safety.

proton exchange membrane - Kyros Hydrogen Solutions GmbH

Hydrogen storage

Besides hydrogen generation, we also focus on storage. Our hydrogen storage systems are fully customizable, able to fit very specific use cases. These storage systems are offered in pressures ranging from 40 bar to 1000 bar.

Hydrogen fueling

High efficiency compressors prepare the hydrogen for fueling cars, trucks, trains, and industrial vehicles. With compression up to 1000 bar, a wide variety of fueling station applications are possible. High flow rates with precooling is available for all system sizes.

Applications and corresponding benefits


  • On-site energy storage
  • CO2 / carbon footprint reduction
  • O2 generation and reallocation
  • Heat output recycling


  • On-site hydrogen generation and distribution
  • CO2 / carbon footprint reduction
  • Fast refueling


  • Zero-emmision on-site energy generation
  • On-site energy storage and distribution
  • CO2 reduction in manufacturing, internal logistics and shipping
  • O2 generation and reallocation


  • Zero-emission public transport and/or mobility
  • CO2 / carbon footprint reduction
  • Fast refueling

Just one click away from a net zero future.

We’ll gladly demonstrate how on-site hydrogen generation can fulfill even the most demanding and specific energy needs. Want to learn more? Feel free to contact us directly or request a customized quote.