About our technology

Thanks to a great amount of scalability and flexibility, we can offer a decentralized turnkey hydrogen solution for every situation.

Turnkey electrolyzers housed in a single container

Our complete PEM-system is housed in a single, custom built container. This approach ensures that every decentralized turnkey hydrogen solution we offer is easy to ship and ready to go.

Keep meeting rising energy demands with major benefits – onsite generation, storage and distribution with zero emissions.​ With our turnkey PEM-system housed in a customized container, it’s ready to be delivered to any location without much hassle. Easy installation and integration is guaranteed, since all it requires onsite is to be connected to a power and a water source.

Container sizes may vary, depending on hydrogen requirements and their corresponding system size.​ Please check the technical specifications further down this page for more info on any of our different solutions and models.

How we turn PEM technology​ into a decentralized turnkey hydrogen solution

proton exchange membrane

Inside each electrolyzer container are Proton Exchange Membrane stacks, designed to generate hydrogen gas:

  • Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology splits water into H2 and O2
  • The PEM device allows for separate storage of H2 and O2
  • The generated hydrogen can be stored for later use in a fuel cell

The PEM system requires two inputs: power and water. The semipermeable membrane inside is an ion conducting material, allowing only the hydrogen ions (H+) to pass through. With input power, the water molecules are split at the membrane interface, resulting in a current through the system and an oxygen exhaust. The H+ ions pass through the membrane and recombine with the electrons to form H2 molecules, and thus hydrogen fuel.

Technical specifications

Kyros turnkey electrolyzer

Type 200 300 400 450 600 750 900 Unit
Container size 20 40 feet
BOL power comsumption 240 360 480 530 680 850 1020 kW
Stack power 200 300 400 450 600 750 900 kW
Stack Size 100 100/150 100 150 150 150 150 kW
Stacks 2 3/2 4 3 4 5 6 No.
H2 Output 3.4 5.1 6.9 7.8 10.4 13 15.6 kg/h
H2 Output 40 60 80 90 120 150 180 Nm³/h
ØH2O Input 40 60 80 95 125 150 190 l/h
Basic Dimensions l /w/h ** 6x 2,4 x 2,9 12 x 2,4 x 2,9 m
Power supply 400V AC 50 Hz 3 Phase
Purity* 99,998% according to DIN EN 17124
part load capability (10) 20-100%
H2 Stack output Pressure max. 40
O2 Stack output pressure max. 5
Ambient Temperature -20 up to +35
Required water quality According to TrinkwV 2020 | EU guideline 2020/2184-EU
Turn Key solution Includes:
Rectifier for the DC power supply of the stacks
Cooling units and heat exchangers for stacks, rectifiers and gas
Complete automatic PLC and safety PLC for automatic operation of the plant
Fully equiped with all necessary safety features like: Room monitoring hydrogen, oxygen and smoke
Ultrapurewater treatment
Defined interfaces of the process gases to the application and the environment
Fully compliant to all relevant EU directives Includes:
Niederspannungsrichtlinie 2014/35/EU
Druckgeräterichtlinie 2014/68/EU
ATEX-Richtlinie 2014/34/EU
EMV-Richtlinie 2014/30/EU

* Optional
** Different options for cooling available. Cooling units not included

Highly customizable compression solutions

General product range Unit
Housing 10 20 feet
Dimensions l /w/h 2991 x 2438 x 2591 6058 x 2438 x 2591 [mm]
Compression type Hydraulic piston or membrane compressor
Pressure level 100-1000 bar
Use Case Storage, industrial applications, filling of vehicles

Fuel station / Dispenser *

System Truck Bus Car Agricultural vehicles Train Municipal vehicles Mobile trailer Unit
Pressure 350 350 700 350 / 700 350 350 / 700 300 /500 / 1000 bar
Amount per System 10-40 20-40 3-6 5-15 100-200 5-15 500 – 1300 kg / fueling

* individually engineered according to customer’s requirements

Highly customizable storage solutions

General product range Low pressure High pressure Unit
Material Metal Typ I-IV
Pressure 40 200 – 1000 bar
Capacity range 33 – 100 / pcs <20
Capacity range 100 – 300 < 3000 kg
Type Stationary Stationary and mobile solutions possible
Conformity Conformity with all relevant EU directives

Quality and certification

Our quality management system adheres to the international standard DIN EN ISO 9001 and has been checked and certified by TÜV Thüringen. Our QM system enables us to offer our customers products and services of the highest quality. By actively avoiding errors, we always strive to increase customer satisfaction. A permanent improvement program optimizes our processes and our performance in a sustainable fashion.

ISO 9001:2015 certificate (download, PDF)

As a manufacturer of pressure equipment and pipelines, we have HP0 approval. This approval guarantees that Kyros Hydrogen Solutions GmbH has a product-related quality assurance system, as well as personnel and facilities that ensure the manufacture and testing of pressure equipment and pipelines in accordance with the AD 2000 data sheet HP0 regulations.

HP0-certificate (download, PDF)

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