An electrolysis system is being built at Hörmann KG in 99334 Ichtershausen with the purpose of heating their company buildings.

It is delivered as a turnkey solution, including a standing storage tank. The electrical output of the system is 350 kW. The use of three stacks with an output of 100 kW each enables a production volume of 60Nm³/h of hydrogen. A redundancy is also given, to a certain degree.

The initial pressure level of the hydrogen is 40 bar. The system is placed in a 20 foot container. A reverse osmosis cleaning system is installed to be able to use conventional drinking water. The hydrogen produced is brought to the required quality by using gas drying/cleaning. A built-in buffer storage makes it possible to store the hydrogen up to a pressure level of 40 bar, so that it can be directly called upon when needed.