Kyros Hydrogen Solutions is participating in the project “H2well-compact,” which is the development of a flexible hydrogen supply system for decentralized applications.

In the project, green hydrogen is produced by means of a PEM electrolyzer at a small hydropower plant. An innovative mobile storage and compression solution will be used to deliver the hydrogen to customers in the region. The PEM trailer system will enable flexible and efficient delivery to different hydrogen users, both in industry and in the mobility sector.

Kyros Hydrogen Solutions is responsible for the development and testing of a compact PEM pressure electrolysis system with 100 bar hydrogen output pressure. The system will use an innovative, membrane-based process water treatment and hydrogen drying.

H2-well is one of 20 WIR! Regions, which were selected by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) to promote structural change in eastern Germany through new innovations (link to German article). Together with more than 40 partners and supporters from the area between the Main and Elbe rivers, our goal is to advance the structural change in the region by realizing a decentralized hydrogen economy.